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WINsday Inspiration 10/11/2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

One of the big lessons I'm still learning is overcoming the fear of asking for help. Takers don't mind asking for help. Some people have a tendency to act helpless. There are people who don't ask for help because they won't be perceived as incompetent, weak, needy, or inferior. There are some people who learned to be fiercely independent to survive. Some people don't like to surrender control of a situation. There are the hyper-independent "I got it" type people. There are some people who have been givers all their lives and feel uncomfortable receiving gifts, help, compliments, or support. There are those who have a history of being disappointed by others so they don't ask for help.

I wrote the following affirmations some time ago in 2009 and decided to dust them off and re-share them today....


"Jewel is not only a lovely charismatic person, but also a very motivating and inspiring coach. When life changes and considering starting new things and being all excited and nervous at the same time, it means a lot to get coaching and support. I would recommend everyone, who stands in front of challenges, changes, and opportunities, to get a call set up with Jewel Diamond Taylor. You don’t have to do it alone." - Victoria T. (Los Angeles)

Sunday, OCTOBER 22 - If you live near the Vallejo, CA area (Hercules, Pleasant Hill, Berkeley, American Canyon, Concord, San Pablo)...I would love to see you when I speak for the Vallejo Project Networking Dinner -

Saturday, OCTOBER 28, 2023 - Azusa Pacific University - Women's Tea - It's My Time

Enjoy this casual yet thought-provoking conversation about honoring our elders, and ancestors, cultural awareness, healing mother/daughter relationships, emotional healing, and so MUCH MORE!!!

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