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"If I am not speaking from a podium or a pulpit...I am connecting, listening, supporting, encouraging, and providing emotional toolbox tools for women to build and strengthen their emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.

The topics via Zoom, facetime, or in person range from how to cope with; difficult family relationships, trauma, grief, stress, disappointments, setbacks, or how to gain progress with their goals. The chart below helps my coaching/counseling clients to identify their emotions.

How are you feeling today? Is anything or anyone stealing your joy and peace? Is anger, shame, procrastination, grief, fear, or guilt constantly keeping you paralyzed or running?

Are you open and willing to be supported in gaining strength, confidence, faith, peace, and coping skills? Are you sitting on your assets?" - Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor.


I invite you to my unique, faith building, mind growing, and safe space of sisterhood with me, Jewel Diamond Taylor, Saturday, May 25, 2024

12 noon

"empowHER gatHERing".

No fee to attend, donations appreciated

Please RSVP text (562) 735-5916)to insure

enough seating and refreshments can be provided.


A Toast of Artistry

256 S Locust St. Inglewood, CA 90301

If you enjoy reading Jewel's weekly WINsday newsletter and would like to make a donation CashApp $gratefulJDT  or click  or is linked to Jewel Diamond Taylor's Zelle account

visit web sites

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To schedule a one-on-one life coaching session or INVITATION to speak for your organization, event, retreat, church, or workplace - email -

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