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WINsday Inspiration 12/20/2023

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

After my husband and I lost our first son, John (JJ) 38 years old., from cancer, I lost a big piece of my heart and some enthusiasm for life. It was an emotional earthquake that left me traumatized. Later our second son Jason had his first child, our first GRANDson, Codey. Having Codey in our lives is a gift from God that restored my hope and enthusiasm for life. His new life gave me a "WHY", a reason and motivation to get up, take better care of my health, fight the depression and remember my purpose, persevere, and be resilient to watch him grow up and enjoy our family legacy. Sometimes life will take us through an unpredictable, unprepared, and unexplainable season.  Pain can change everything you see, feel, hope, believe, and do.

If you lose your WHY, you can lose your “WAY”. 

Life can change without our permission. 

If you have experienced feeling lost, shaken, and depressed from a “shiFt” it is possible to learn how to resuscitate your heart, recover, and create a new normal and a new "WHY." Your "WHY" will keep you focused and moving forward. Your "WHY" will get you out of the bed.

I pray if you are in a "season fo shiFt" that you will rise again, smile again, plan again, trust again, live again, believe again and adapt.

Two recommended books to support your discovery journey are (1) Simon Sinek's, "Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Finding Purpose for You and Your Team” and (2) my book “ShiFt Happens”

"Lord, help me today to have an attitude adjustment. Help me to adjust to the circumstances I cannot control. I pray for the strength, flexibility, and wisdom to adapt to the changes in my life, body, family, and work. Help me to appreciate what is going right and not focus on what is going wrong. Teach me to trust your mysterious plan for my life and those I love and interact with. I thank you Lord for your WORD that teaches me to be restored by the renewing of my mind. I now breathe and take action to adjust my mind to fill it with thoughts of peace, hope, faith, joy, love, resiliency, and productivity. And so it is. Amen” - Jewel Diamond Taylor. author of Shift Happens written 2009, revised 2021

to receive your copy by email use this link

"When you are going through a financial, relationship, emotional, or spiritual drought... you can choose to doubt, pout, shout, hideout, bailout, give out, cry out to the Lord and others for help or come out of it with a new mindset, faith, patience, courage, resilience, gratitude, praise, and action." quote from the book "ShiFt Happens" by Jewel Diamond Taylor

"The phenomenal Mrs. Jewel Diamond Taylor has assisted me with filling in the missing pieces to my life puzzle by using her wholistic wellness for women coaching. Jewel has provided me a safe space to be my true authentic self and while discovering my flaws, I’m also uncovering new perspectives on my values and relationships. I have learned and unlearned so much in the last few weeks working with Jewel. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the wisdom Jewel has given me. Jewel’s holistic approach is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life. " Jazmine Lytle

We all at times have self-doubt, fears, fumbles, and opposition to tackle.

It is a natural reaction for the mind to resist any bold attempt to change our lives for the better. Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor is excited to share her secrets to cope and win in the game of life. Don't sit in the bleachers as a spectator. Get on the field as a participator in your life.

Save the date Saturday, February 3, 2024 to be in Life Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor's Annual Signature Super GOAL Saturday Success Locker room to kick off your new year.

You will gain success strategies, wisdom, encouragement, clarity, and a push of action toward your purpose and goals.  Life Coach Jewel continues to empower others to build up their faith, confidence, and focus to take steps to achieve their goals. Discover what coping skills, limiting beliefs, emotional masks, or sabotaging habits are hindering your growth, progress, and happiness. The location is The Doubletree by Hilton, Carson, CA

11 am - 3 pm, Wear a sports jersey. $35 per person -

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contact info: email -

call - 323.964.1736

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