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Are you feeling frustrated while sitting in “Gods Waiting Room” for your next breakthrough? Are you feeling worthy and open to opportunities, trusting your intuition, expecting success, finding the good in bad situations, standing in your faith, and nurturing relationships?

Are you creating, noticing, and acting upon chance opportunities? Are you networking, adopting a relaxed attitude to life, and open to new experiences? I owned up to a personality trait I have which sometimes blocks my blessing and possibilities. I am an ambivert. I am sometimes very social and extroverted and I am at times an introvert avoiding being social. As an introvert at times I find energy in seclusion, and extroverts, find energy in mingling, ambiverts are somewhere in the middle. I like spending time with others, but I also cherish my alone time and require time to recover from social activities.

People who are extroverted, and spend more time with others and less resistant to new possibilities increase their possibilities for progress, success, and enriching new experiences and connections.

Our behavior, words, and patterns matter. By acting more extroverted, following through, feeling less anxious, and more open, we can increase our inflow of blessings, opportunities, peace, success, and satisfaction.

Winners stay open, worthy, proactive, present, and aware. Plenty of things may come our way but usually it’s up to us to recognize the potential in those opportunities. Curiosity and open-mindedness are key.

As I encourage myself daily, may I encourage you to be more optimistic that your life is going to be full of good fortune, breakthroughs, new connections, new insights, peace, and abundance. These expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies by helping us to persist in the face of disappointments and shapes our interactions with others in a positive way.

I pray you experience serendipity by being in the right place at the right time with the right people and with the right mindset — it’s all about developing your faith, confidence, optimism, curiosity, worthiness, and finding some balance on the spectrum of being quiet, reflective, and reserved…and being outgoing, assertive, and sociable.

May 25 - EmpowHER Real Talk Circle, 12 noon, 256 S. Locust St., Inglewood, CA

"Don't cheat yourself... reTREAT yourself." - Jewel Diamond Taylor

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I’m so grateful for your encouraging words “good fortune, breakthroughs, new connections, new insights, peace, and abundance”. I’m receiving an increase in it all. Thank you so much for your transparency and your dedication to the wellness of others!

Dr. Renee Davis

Replying to

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive feedback. It really encourages me to continue when I see comments from my readers. God bless you.

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