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It’s dangerous NOT to sit, reflect, reset, and think. It’s also dangerous to think too much and become an overthinker. Thinking, mind looping, and fixation on a situation cause suffering, stress, anxiety, worry, and hyper-vigilance. Overthinking can rob you of inner peace, faith, wellness, confidence, needed action, joy, and creativity.

You may think that worrying is problem-solving, but it is a form of overthinking and anxiety. Below are my suggestions to stop any anxiety cycle of overthinking.

Take deep breaths. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly. ...

  1. Find a positive distraction (e.g. music, hobbies, going outside, reading, volunteering, etc).

  2. Worry zooms in on the problem. Zoom out and gain a new perspective.

  3. Acknowledge your successes.

  4. Embrace your feelings and learn to self-regulate. Everything you feel and think is not always true.

  5. Start journaling.

  6. Live in the moment. Practice gratitude. Be still and pray.

  7. Be open and willing to ask and receive guidance. (email for a one-on-one counseling/coaching session (facetime, zoom, phone).

  8. If you think of yourself as a "problem-solver", you are focusing on the problem. I call myself a "solution seeker." This causes my mind to focus to seek, see, and take action on solutions.

Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor is excited to share her secrets to cope and win in the game of life. Don't sit in the bleachers as a spectator. Get on the field as a participator in your life.

You will gain success strategies, out-of-the-ordinary unconventional ideas, unique perspectives, innovative encouragement, clarity, and a push of action toward your purpose and goals. Life Coach Jewel continues to empower others to build up their faith, confidence, and focus to take steps to achieve their goals. Discover what coping skills, limiting beliefs, emotional masks, or sabotaging habits are hindering your growth, progress, and happiness. The location is the Doubletree by Hilton, Carson CA, 11 am - 3 pm, Wear a sports jersey. Limited seating. $35 per person - register at this link  or Cashapp $gratefulJDT

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