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Your feelings from a divorce, job loss, accident, anger or uncried tears from the death of a loved one can pile up boxes of emotions in your body.  Those boxes may have never been opened because you had to keep going to work, show face, be strong, survive and hold it all together.  Those boxes of pain could be stored in your knees, heart, head, back or neck.  Your internal conflict or unresolved emotional issues can store up in your muscles.  You could have bladder problems (e.g. "He pissed me off!").    Maybe you are full of anxiety, nervous, worried and can't sleep (e.g. "They are getting on my nerves.").  Maybe you're realizing you've had denial, lapses of memory, fallen into an addiction caused by saying to yourself, "I can't believe this is happening to me!@#!".  Your way of coping could have been sleeping, depression, denial, lapses of memory, etc.  

      Unresolved sadness or anger from a breakup could make you feel you like you can't breathe or your chest feels heavy, (e.g. "My heart is broken.")  Here comes the heart attack or stroke.  Maybe your self-esteem was crushed from an incident of embarrassment or neglect and now you stutter or have extreme anxiety attacks.

     You could be experiencing muscle pain because of avoiding emotions that you have spent years avoiding.  I've had my share of depression which happens when a toxic situation builds up over time in the brain.  Recently I have allowed myself to open some boxes and stop suppressing some feelings.  I'm getting rid of some emotional boxes.  I have cried, reflected, cut my losses, let go of grudges, forgiven myself, laughed, given thanks, prayed, and let go.  I have felt muscle tightness in my shoulders (e.g. Trying to fix other's problems and carry the world on my shoulders...thus back and shoulder pain.)

     Seek healthy ways to unpack your emotional boxes and get rid of the emotional clutter.

     In my seminars and retreats, I offer injections for the infection of low self-esteem, fear, stress, procrastination, and emotional pain.  Those boxes could block your door of success, health, peace, and blessings.

    When you are emotionally stuck you cannot move forward in your destiny, goals, and life.   I have discovered areas in our emotional and physical life to release the junk, stuff, mess and stress.

Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor is excited to share her secrets to cope and win in the game of life. Don't sit in the bleachers as a spectator. Get on the field as a participator in your life.

You will gain success strategies, out of the ordinary unconventional ideas, unique perspectives, innovative encouragement, clarity, and a push of action toward your purpose and goals.

Life Coach Jewel continues to empower others to build up their faith, confidence, and focus to take steps to achieve their goals. Discover what coping skills, limiting beliefs, emotional masks, or sabotaging habits hinder your growth, progress, and happiness. The location is the Doubletree by Hilton, Carson CA, 11 am - 3 pm,

If possible, wear a sports jersey.

Limited seating. $35 per person - register at this link

or Cashapp $gratefulJDT

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2 commenti

Hello Coach Jewels,

TImely, thought provoking thanks for lifting us all up with possibilities of hopefulness and not hopelessness.



Mi piace

Unpacking some emotional 🥲 boxes that I can no longer carry.

Thanks JEWEL you are always on time with your nuggets.

Hugs and love,


Mi piace
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