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WINsday Inspiration

"You may be in a "faith gap" or "God's waiting room" seeking a breakthrough, comfort, and relief with family issues, finances, employment, health issues, depression, grief, trauma, parenting or marriage issues, dating/loneliness issues, career/job/business issues, or spiritual warfare.

Be still in this moment. There is something to be grateful for. As a keynote speaker, faith leader, one-on-one life coach, and talk therapy practitioner, I teach others how to be equipped and not whipped by life circumstances.

I live at the base of the Southern California mountains (Big Bear area). Some days are very clear and some days are cloudy and I can't even see the mountains. This is a photo I took this morning from my front door. The palm tree reminds me to be bend but don't break!

On those days when the clouds hang low ... my mind and vision tell me there are NO mountains. I remind myself that just because I cannot see them, the mountains are still there. If you feel far from God...guess who moved? Don't move. Life may shift. Don't let your faith and gratitude shift. God is omnipresent even in the midst of your troubles.

Enjoy this new day and embrace the power of NOW. Your life and vision can become clearer and stronger as you learn to trust God, the seasons of life, and all of the unseen possibilities. Develop a winning mindset to experience renewed faith, resiliency, and an inner soul satisfaction that you have not been defeated...but delivered to a new way of living with staying and praying power and God's grace. You're probably thinking..."It's easier said than done." You are absolutely right. But you can choose to persevere, stick, and not quit." - by Jewel Diamond Taylor, author of the book "ShiFT Happens"


Also remember, if you registered for my annual signature Super GOAL Saturday is happening this Saturday, February 3, 11:00 am at the Doubletree by Hilton in Carson, CA. We have a full house so get there in time for your seat in my LOCKER ROOM!

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Best wishes Quien on this weekend victorious win.

Kind regards,


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