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Updated: Mar 11

You are invited to hear Jewel Diamond Taylor uplift, encourage, and pour out a blessing at these upcoming events:

February 21 - Veterans Advisory Commission Military and Veteran Affairs Black History Program, Los Angeles

February 24 - Single Parent Achievers Gala, Greenbelt, Maryland - sold out

February 25 - Sunday Flow - Inspiration and Networking, 4 pm - Morningside, Maryland- no charge to attend


March 2 - "EmpowHER Real Talk Circle- Wholistic Wellness for Women hosted by Jewel Diamond Taylor, 12 noon monthly in Inglewood, CA


March 30 - San Jose, CA Annual Girlfriend's Day Experience

April 27 - Life Church Women's Tea - Riverside, CA

Sept 3 - 6 - Women on the Grow Annual reTREAT in Malibu

To invite Jewel Diamond Taylor as the keynote speaker for your event or one-on-one life coaching, podcast interview, or info to attend the above -

Read the messages below included in this book by Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor, Color Me Blessed, Vol. 2

Sometimes I just need to apologize to myself for what I allowed in the past and never tolerate again. If I find myself settling and tolerating less than I deserve… it’s time for a self-esteem check-up. My self-esteem is the “new pretty.” If I am giving my all and it is not good enough or appreciated… may be giving my best to the wrong person or project. Page 9

I will continue to learn how to manage my expectations. Think twice before I open up my heart.  Think twice before I speak. Think twice before I give up. Think twice before I go into rage, lust, depression, fear, or a sense of low self-worth.  I will guard my heart against the tricks, traps, and temptations that can cause me to stumble. Page 18

Remember my goals, my job, my commitments, and my bills don’t care how I feel…I must get up. - Page 30

I may be looking in the wrong direction. God can send blessings from the least expected people, places, and time. I will keep my mind, heart, and eyes open to possibilities. Page 48

Don’t be someone’s downtime, spare-time, part-time, or sometime girl.  If they can’t be there for me all of the time, then … they’re not even worth my time. can’t see my “next” if I am too busy looking at my Ex.  My Ex is an EXample of what I don’t want in my next relationship.  I deserve better. Page 58

Yes, Jewel please send me a copy of your 68 page booklet "Color Me Blessed" Vol 2

CashApp - $gratefulJDT- $17 (includes postage/shipping) include your name and shipping address or send your address to

or use which is linked

to Jewel's ZELLE account

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Congratulations on your new book👏🎊Juliette Gipson


Thank you Jewel for your newsletters. They are always a source of provoking thought material. I appreciate your support, and the sharing of your gifts.🥰✌🏽️

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