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WINSday Inspiration for YOU

click this link to listen to an awesome inspirational audio message

click this link to listen to an awesome inspirational audio message

September 2023 Women on the Grow sister $owers offered the women living unhoused downtown Los Angeles skid row ... socks, underwear, lotion, deodorant, body wipes, female hygiene products, flashlights, and pepper spray for their safety.

Thank you everyone with a compassionate heart for your donation of any amount. We are a resource to women across the nation. Founder, Jewel Diamond Taylor curates many programs that foster trust, compassion, and an empowering community of women to gain coping skills, faith, resiliency, wellness, and sisterhood. Your one-time donation or monthly tax-deductible donation enables our non-profit outreach to bless so many lives in positive and impactful ways. Go to

Last month we offered; free counseling to several women in distress, funds to a woman whose niece was murdered, funds to a woman in rehab for over 2 years, funds for single mothers to purchase back to school clothes, scholarships for a few women to attend our upcoming reTREAT, and more because of our wonderful Women on the Grow monthly sister $owers.

Where is Jewel Diamond Taylor speaking soon?

Sept 17 - The Life Church, Riverside, CA - Women's Ministry Tea

Sept 21 - International Assoc of Women, Saybrook University in Pasadena, CA, 6:00 pm

Sept 27-29 Malibu Women's reTREAT

October 28 Azusa Pacific University Women's Tea

October 29 Vallejo Project Dinner and Networking for tickets call 559-308-5370 or 510-978-1672 or email

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