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WINsday Inspirational Message 8/23/2023

Reality is a hard pill to swallow. A few years ago a young lady I allowed to get close to me and my family violated my trust. My family and I were too careless with our wallets around the house. When she was confronted, she showed no remorse and said to me without any emotion, "It is ... what IT IS." I began to cringe every time I heard that statement. I later learned how important it is to let go of any hurt, shame, anger and being naive. I had to learn to accept the reality and stop resisting the truth. I learned to accept the reality of many things because "my arms were too short to box with God" (remember that stage play with the same title?).

I stopped fighting reality when my son passed from cancer, when friends stopped being friends, when unexpected expenses popped up, when the Pandemic came, dealing with taxes, my body changing as I matured, or my family members "going through", speaking engagements canceled, or people not keeping their promises, etc. My grandson Codey is growing up so fast ...shiFT happens. Gas prices and the cost of living going up. Technology has changed the way we bank and shop, social media, and AI are real. If we don't keep up and accept the realities, we can find ourselves sick, angry, frustrated, and left behind. It is WHAT IT IS. I learned to swallow the bitter REALITY pill instead of living in denial, fantasy, wishing, and avoiding action that needed to be taken to move forward without the anger and bitterness. Prayer is powerful but I had to learn also how to adapt to circumstances out of my control.

What has changed in your life? What truth are you running from?

Facing the truth of your situation (e.g. health, ministry, career/job, finances, relationships, death, delays, divorce, housing, retirement, paperwork that needs to be finished, empty nest, caregiving challenges, etc.), acknowledging your emotions, and understanding the circumstances you're dealing with are crucial steps for your peace and well-being. Denying or avoiding reality can hinder progress. Accepting reality doesn't mean giving up; it means acknowledging where you are and what you're dealing with so that you can make informed choices. Having faith doesn't mean ignoring reality; rather, it's about maintaining hope and trust that things can improve, even when facing difficulties.

Your perception, emotional health, courage, confidence, faith, creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, connections, and hope can help to adapt to changing circumstances. I remember the song, "Only the strong survive" but I believe the one who can ADAPT to change is one who will survive. Read more in my book "ShiFT Happens." - Jewel Diamond Taylor (Conference speaker and Life Coach)

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Saturday, September 16 - Riverside, CA - The Life Church women's ministry tea

Tuesday, September 21 - International Association of Women, Saybrook University, 55 W Eureka St, Pasadena, CA 91103, 6:00 PM - Jewel's topic - ShiFT Happens

Wednesday-Friday, Sept 27-29 Jewel Diamond Taylor hosts her Annual Malibu Getaway SOLD OUT

Saturday, October 21, 2023 - Azusa Pacific University - Women in the Workplace Brunch and Tea

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