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WINSday Inspirational Newsletter

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

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"Experiencing the holidays and this pandemic has certainly affected the emotional wellness of so many of us. The everchanging media broadcasting the troubles of the world 24/7 and the many calls I receive from distressed women about their family losses, family disagreements, health concerns, loneliness, and financial woes confirms why I am on a mission.

My prayer for you is to continue keeping your body active and moving. Know your worth. Focus on progress, not perfection. Don't allow the pressures of the holidays cause you to be overwhelmed, in debt, and stressed. Guard your heart, peace, body, finances, and dreams. Be discerning about who and what gets your time and energy. Remember not to compare your life to what you see on social media. Many photos you see on social media are just one slice of their life and not always reflective of their reality. Be intentional about finding the good in each day. Prayer works. Meditation works. Being still works. Laughter works. Delegating duties works. When you're isolating because of pain or shame, your mind can play tricks on you. Seeking support instead of isolation helps. Learn to replenish your spiritual well before it runs dry. You were created by the elements of nature (i.e. earth, wind, water, fire) so spend more time with nature (breeze, ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains, basking in the sun, walking on the earth). Accepting what and who you cannot change works. Sowing seeds of giving, service, faith, and peace works. Listening to your favorite music works. Eating healthy foods and drinking water works. Being creative and using your hands works. Getting good sleep each night works. Are you watching the words you speak? Your words and thoughts have the power to create or repel your blessings. What are your goals for the new year? Break any habits of procrastination.

Life can be bitter and sweet. Unwanted and unexpected shifts will happen in life. I pray through your bittersweet times you will still praise God for what He IS doing and WILL do in your life. The Lord is sovereign and has a plan for your life. Through the bitter and sweet, the joy and pain, the bad and the good... we must learn how to ACTIVATE our faith in and out of season. We must learn how to MOTIVATE ourselves so the enemy does not overtake our gratitude, joy, health, peace, faith, hope, praise, and trust in God. We must learn how CELEBRATE each day with thanksgiving, love, service to mankind, and forgiveness. ”

Each time that I've been stretched to grow beyond my comfort zone, God's power was activated within me. Each time I was stretched; I tapped into my power of creative problem solving, my flexibility, my faith, my circle of support, my sense of humor, my intelligence, my ability to let go, my inner strength, and yes, stretched to give, be and do more than I ever knew was possible." - Jewel Diamond Taylor, The Self-esteem Dr.

"Jewel you are a true sistah, mentor, motivator and minister! I truly loved our conversation yesterday. Your caring words made it easy for me to open up and talk to you about my grief of losing several family members. Your wisdom is amazing! I had sought professional help with this issue but your guidance was much more heart felt and helpful.

Thanks again for being that light and being obedient to God’s call on your life to be there for so many women."

Trena Lawson (California)


" Jewel! I know we haven't spoken in a while but I still keep with you on FB! I think I remember sharing my weight loss journey with you that I had started last fall when I was going through the trenches with my Mother and I wanted to just quickly update you to let you know that I have stayed focus and concentrated on ME even while dealing withe everything at once and I've lost 119 lbs (6 more until goal)! Thank you for what you placed into me as that was what was part of made this possible for me. I carry your words with me in my head like a sword and shield." C.G. (Maryland)

Next week I will list all of my books I have available. I am in processing of re-printing.

To make donations which enables us to be of service to women experiencing life's hardships (i.e. depression, trauma, breast cancer, exhausting caregiving, single parenting, COVID, divorce, domestic abuse, grief, unemployment, loved ones incarcerated, etc.) go to

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