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WINsday July 5 message

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Silent sufferers often endure significant emotional and psychological burdens as a result of their silence (e.g. relationships, job, customer service, public humiliation, social gatherings, etc.). Silence allows abuse, manipulation, and limitations to persist unchallenged. Silent sufferers often miss out on valuable support systems and resources that could aid in their healing and recovery. By not speaking up, they may not receive the assistance they need, whether it's professional counseling, legal protection, or community support. To activate the power of your voice and overcome fear, abuse, manipulation, and imposed limitations, is what I covered last Sunday during my DiaMIND INNERversity virtual session.

I will continue part 2, Sunday, July 9..."The Choice to Use Your Voice". Are you ready to learn how to stop the distractions, stress, toxic people, and inter-FEAR-ances in your heart and mind that block you from experiencing peace and growth in your life?

Seeking help, breaking the silence, and reaching out for support can help alleviate the negative impacts and open pathways to healing, growth, and empowerment. By finding their voice in safe places and sharing their experiences, silent sufferers can begin to reclaim their lives and find the support and understanding they deserve.

Establish clear boundaries to protect yourself from further abuse or manipulation. Learn to say "no" when necessary and prioritize your well-being. Remember, activating the power of your voice is a process that requires courage, faith, worthiness, and perseverance. Embrace your resilience, trust in your capabilities, and keep pushing forward. Over time, you will discover the strength within you to overcome these challenges and reclaim your voice and personal freedom.


Click this link to listen to Jewel's recent inspirational interview with podcaster Mary D. Welch sharing the 4 "C"s to discover peace in the midst of pain, setbacks, and obstacles

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Paula K. Watts is the CEO and Founder of Government Procurement Innovators (GPI). GPI provides business coaching to start-ups and existing small businesses that are navigating the federal acquisition process. Ms. Watts leverages her experiences as a small business owner and a previous 8(a) government contractor to lead GPI's staff members in coaching and training small businesses. Ms. Watts’ expertise has successfully guided several 8(a) firms in obtaining multi-million dollar contracts. As an expert on the procurement and management of government contracts, Ms. Watts has conducted more than 800 seminars and workshops on small business start-up processes, business expansions, and developing winning strategies when marketing to the federal government.

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