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WINsday message from Jewel

Your constant replay of emotions and thoughts creates your world. Is your world full of whirled wind demands, changes, stress, anxiety, pain, depression, unexpected and sudden setbacks/loss, doom and gloom thoughts, words, and feelings? When life's whirlwind spins you around and around, and your world feels upside down, off-kilter, and can be very disruptive. You can learn ways to cope. Finding calm and a sense of grounding balance can happen.

  1. Accepting .. not resisting that the whirlwind is happening is the first step toward surviving the storm. Denial will only prolong the process. Facing a difficult situation that requires your attention, adjusting, and effort. It's not the strong one that survives a storm, it's the one who knows how to adapt and surrender to their reality to persevere with faith, resiliency, and purposeful action.

  2. Assess and prioritize your situation and break it down into manageable parts. Identify the most pressing issues and prioritize your actions to help you focus your energy on what truly needs attention to prevent feeling overwhelmed. In the midst of a whirlwind, don't neglect your own needs. Nourish your body with wholesome food and rest. Seasons pass and you can learn to flow with life changes instead of being paralyzed with fear.

  3. Flexibility is a superpower enabling you to deal with a crisis. Accept the reality of your life changes and be willing to explore alternative solutions and support from family, friends, faith community, counselor, etc.

  4. Remember your anchors, like prayer, music, nature, reading, bathing, exercising, dancing, or some form of creativity. Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz story was caught up in a whirlwind and she found herself in an unfamiliar world full of fear. Just like Dorothy, your anchors to return to HOME (a state of well-being) will be courage, heart, and your brain (wisdom).

  5. Remember the whirlwind will subside, In time, you'll find your rhythm and perhaps a new normal. Celebrate milestones and progress: Acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest victories along the way. Be patient with yourself, trust your abilities, and believe in your capacity to rise above the challenges. With optimism, prayer, support from others, love, patience, and developed coping skills you can reclaim your inner peace. May God's mercies and grace be with you.

Be inspired by this short inspirational story by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Guided by her elders, a very depressed Maya discovers a gift from her deceased mother just in time. She is taught how to tap into her spiritual power. As Maya explores the depths of her spiritual essence, she discovers her spiritual power. She uncovers profound truths and valuable life lessons. Popular inspirational speaker, author, life coach, and spiritual teacher Jewel Diamond Taylor aka The Self-esteem Dr., blends elements of spirituality, personal growth, and empowerment. With its heartfelt prose and enchanting storytelling, this e-book will captivate readers, igniting a spark within their souls and encouraging them to embark on their own quests for spiritual awakening. This quick read was created in mind for readers like you who can appreciate a quick, enriching, and straight-to-the-point story to unlock the divine power that so many people MISS and DON'T understand. This message promises to GROW your mind, faith, and self-care. Your sense of feeling empowered will be reJEWELvenated!

email to request your ebook in PDF format or flip magazine on-line format to read on your phone, ipad or desktop.

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Thank you, Codey Taylor

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1 Comment

Patricia Goings
Patricia Goings
Jul 12, 2023

Hello Jewel, thank you for your unwavering kindness, generosity and support 💕. This newsletter was on Target.🎯

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