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WINsday - Which voice are you listening to?

Your inner winner voice prompts you into the right action, and right thinking and taps into your faith, courage, and worthiness.

Your inner critic stalls you and causes you to stay small, safe, stuck, and silent. When you are under the influence of your inner critic ... sadness builds up and lingers. Your body keeps score and you begin to feel knots in different parts of your body.

Stress, shame, secrets, guilt, trauma, disappointments, anger, prolonged grief, and unlived dreams become stored in your body. These emotions can get trapped in your body and feel like kNOTS tied up n your stomach, shoulders, neck, and back.

. Not satisfied

. Not happy

. Not living in harmony

. Not speaking up

. Not letting go of grudges

. Not able to move on from a setback

. Not expressing your feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, disgust, depression, stress, loneliness

. Not feeling worthy

. Not able to move on from a heartache

. Not healing from secrets or past pain of trauma, sexual violence, betrayal, etc.

. Not moving your body, stretching, walking, swimming, dancing, etc.

. Not being around people and activities that inspire you

. Not engaging in your hobbies, creativity, or favorite projects

You may often feel tired, not because you have done too much, but because you haven't engaged in the things that spark you or you haven't expressed your true self. If you have a headache, stomachache, or's normal to seek relief to stop the pain. Your mental and emotional health doesn’t need to be discussed in whispers. Seek support and help.

It is ok to talk about it.

It is ok to need help to stop the pain.

We all need help sometimes.

You are not alone.

Help is available.

I invite you to ask yourself ...

"How am I really doing?"

"How can I get the support I need?"

"Am I allowing shame and guilt to keep me silent, isolated, and hurting?"

"Am I minimizing, hiding, and denying the changes in my personality during the pandemic or from a recent loss or trauma?"

Please talk with your support circle.

Talk with your loved ones.

You are not alone.

Help is available.

The support I offer through my one-on-one sessions (virtual or in person) and books is curated to inspire others to find the hope, courage, will, and strength to discover the depths of their faith, courage, and resiliency they never knew they possess.

I pray you to learn to create a sanctuary within yourself, not a prison. Create inside yourself a place, a knowing, a safe place where the pain, anger, grief, and world news cannot disturb your peace. It will not be easy, but it is possible. You can’t be rushed, forced, or manipulated to start or stay with it.

Your mind can come up with a lot of ways to protect you (e.g. blame, avoidance, denial, feeling helpless, ashamed, and guilty, fake smiles, minimization, isolation, busyness, suppressing or medicating your feelings with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, helping others).

You have to be ready and hopeful. You must feel worthy of healing. One day you will thank yourself for not giving up. Ready, set, grow!

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